Goal project

Regardless of the scope of activity, task of the website is to attract each of the target audience that it visits the web resource.

Analysis and planning

When designing, there is a functional and informational structure of the site, navigation, forms of search and registration - all this is important for the effective work of the website, as well as know if it can affect the involvement of the audience.

Create design

Website design takes into account every detail: the size and color of the font, the font headset, the mutual arrangement of elements, color gamma and much more.

Development website

Programming (development website) is to combine all the latest technologies together and provide the user with a user-friendly interface to use the functionality of the web resource.


During the testing, the site is checked for compliance with the technical specification, its technical characteristics are checked.

Placement website

Publishing a web product in a web network, setting up a server (hosting), selecting a domain (site address in the network), and all the work associated with the correct work of the website.